Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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YES!  We will not be able to hold your registration spot without your permit.

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Traditional Program: $315.00

Traditional Program for a Licensed Driver or 18 Year Old: $380.00

Modified Licensed Driver Program including the SkidCar: $335.00

Special Program/Make-up – fee $40 per hour of instruction

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Registration must be done on-line. Payment may be made using Visa, MasterCard or Discover. On-line registration must be received prior to parent night.

Payment is due at the time of registration.  If you purchase the scholarship or payment plan option and prefer to finish payment by check, please send your payment to (please do not give a check to the instructors as we would prefer not to burden them with this):

High Desert Driver Education Program
c/o High Desert ESD
2804 Sw 6th Street
Redmond, OR 97756

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If you are on free/reduced lunch through the school district, you qualify!   All scholarships will be verified through the district office.  We will not notify you unless you do not qualify, so if you do not hear back from us, your student received the scholarship.  This option reduces the cost of the class by $100.

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NO!!! (as long as you are not 18 or have already received your license)

High Desert Driver Education, an approved ODOT provider, will issue a certificate that will waive the Class C drive test with the DMV.  Students must successfully complete the driver education program with at least 80% to receive this waiver.  High Desert Driver Education will administer your final drive, so you won’t have to go to the DMV for the driving test.

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Depends on your insurance company.

You will earn an official ODOT waiver certificate or certificate of completion (if 18 years or licensed), which could qualify for insurance discounts with some companies.  Students must attend and pass all tests, worksheets, and behind the wheel with an 80% or better.  Students must also attend 30 hours of classroom and 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training/observation.

Check with your insurance company to see if this is an option for you!

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Students must attend all of the classes and any missed time must be made up. They must turn in all assignments (including drive log), pass all classwork, tests and drive tests with an 80% or better. Disruptive students may be dropped from the program with no refund. If a student has a learning disability, we will help in any way we can, but they must be able to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the curriculum.

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Yes!!! We have a number of different programs.  See below


Traditional driver education program: $315.00

  • Student must be 15-17 years of age
  • Student must have a valid Oregon instructional permit to register

Traditional Program for a Licensed Driver or 18 Year Program: $380.00

  • Student is age 18 or will turn 18 before the end of the term
  • Student has a driver’s license
  • Student obtains a driver’s license during the class session

Modified Licensed Driver Program including the SkidCar: $335.00

  • Student has a driver’s license

Special Program: $40.00 per hour of instruction.

  • Students want additional driving hours
  • Don’t fit into any other program, but are still 15-18 years old

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Refunds must be requested via email to  Please include a reason for your request.

  • Full Refunds Granted if cancellation is received  5 Weekdays BEFORE First Classroom Instruction.
  • $50 Charge if cancellations is received LESS than 5 weekdays Before First Classroom Instruction.
  • No Refunds for Cancellations received when  Behind the Wheel Instruction has started.


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All absences must be made up. Make-up sessions will not require an additional fee if they are fulfilled during regularly scheduled class times. (Additional classes for make-ups will be scheduled during the summer terms.) A $40 per session fee will be required if an instructor must be hired to meet with students outside of the regularly scheduled class time.


[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle admin_label=”Proficiency credit ” title=”Will I receive proficiency credit?” open=”off”]

Yes!!  However, you will need to contact your school counselor to verify how to receive credit.


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Please visit for details about the Deschutes County SkidCar training program.

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